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I have to have spinal surgery again :( ill update with more info soon... 
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So I started CoHF by Cassandra Clare. I'm getting some cool ideas for pieces to draw! I haven't done any Mortal Instruments pieces in awhile, and I feel like I could possibly be able to draw from it again! Yay! I mean, I've never stopped loving her characters, but I follow the urge of inspiration wherever it may lead me...

With that being said, I will definitely be working on some more Doctor Who pieces, mainly of the 10th Doctor and Rose.  

Ill be posting more previews of my works in progress from now on... And possibly the sketches from my sketchbook. I was told recently by a friend that I should, and that people were more interested in seeing them than I thought. So yeah :) 

keep an eye out soon! Ta! 
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Please, please, please help me spread this piece around! I'm very new to the fandom and need a little help in getting my name out there! So any sort of sharing y'all can do on any site is much appreciated!!!

Burning Up A Sun: Doctor Who by kara-lija

"Burning Up A Sun"... Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler
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Hi ya'll!!  I have a new drawing up of the Tenth Doctor and Rose from Doctor Who:

TenRose WIP Doctor Who UPDATED by kara-lija

Quite possibly one of my favorite drawings I've ever done.  It's going to turn out fantastic once it's painted!!  Please enjoy!!
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I love my daughter!!  She's a child of my own heart...  She loves Sailor Moon, adores the Labyrinth and The Little Mermaid.  She's gone with me to see Frozen 5 times and can sing all the lyrics to "Bad Reputation" by Joan Jett.

I can't believe time flies!  Just yesterday I was announcing I was preggo and here she's about to turn 5 in March!!!

Vesper By The Sea by kara-lija

A Portrait of my Daughter...Age 4 by kara-lija
I'm in a Bowie kick, as well as Labyrinth so here's some of my favorite Labyrinth fanart on DA.  Hats off to these wonderful artists for creating very inspiring, gorgeous works of art!!

Return To Labyrinth by VladislavPANtic by VladislavPANtic

Labyrinth: The Royal Waltz by janey-jane  by

Feathers: Falling by MelissaFindleycoloring by
MelissaFindley , original  Labyrinth: feathers by lily-fox by lily-fox

Jareth by G672 by

Nouveau Labyrinth poster by janey-jane by

<da:thumb id="425098746"/> by

As The World Falls Down by cypherx by

There's more I'd like to include, 100's in fact, but I'll end it right here.  There's a million fanfic recs as well.

My fave author being HatchimansKitsune over on  Find her here:…

I can't pick just one of her Labyrinth fics... They're all amazing!! 

Keep an eye out for my own I'll have done soon:  Labyrinth WIP by kara-lija

I don't get alot of art out these days.  For that I am sorry.  I am starting to draw again though and I had a good excuse for not getting much out this past year.  On Halloween I had BACK SURGERY.  Since the spring I've been in horrible pain and didn't do anything about it till I started losing feeling in my legs.  With that being said, all year I couldn't sit or stand for very long without hurting.  It cut drastically into my drawing time. Two slipped discs and nerve damage.  Fun stuff.

A few other things:
I've had quite a few messages over the past year asking why I don't draw ______ anymore, or if I can draw more in general, or draw certain characters.  I'd love to, really, but that's the exact reason why I only do fanart and my own freelance art instead of getting a legit job in the art world or doing commissions.  I can't and don't like to draw what I'm not fully inspired to draw. This excludes a few authors that I try to get stuff out for and fail to. I'm inspired but I procrastinate which leads me to my next point:

I work full time and I'm a mother to 2 kids, plus a wife to a wonderful guy!  Kids take up soooo much time, especially when one's a 4 year old not in school or daycare yet. 

So yeah, all you deviants and fellow artists have been so great to me over the years, whether it be Bleach, Harry Potter, TMI, Hunger Games or anime and etc fans, THANK YOU for viewing my art.

I hope 2014 brings all of us mucho inspiration! Thanks for letting me bitch a little on here :)
Saw it twice already and loved it :) I'm drawing some Kristoff and Anna and also some portraits of Elsa. 
Thanks for the recs ya'll!!  I picked up the first book and literally could NOT put it down...  Here are my first few sketches and WIP's:

Vampire Academy-- Dimitri and Rose WIP by kara-lija

Dimitri.... drool...

Image by kara-lija

Rose and Lissa.  Love their friendship.  It's a refreshing breath of air in a world of female book characters who either have no bff or it's a guy (Simon and Clary excluded on this comment bc Simon will forever be LOVED.)

And can I say I LOVE teacher/student romances? Lol Even though I 'm old enough to be the teacher now... lol... Yikes 30 is creeping up on me!!!
Is it any good? I'm getting Snape vibes from screenshots of Dimitri, which is a good thing! I'm intrigued... Rec it to me people!! 
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Hey yall.  Thank you for the b-day wishes a couple weeks ago and the condolences on my father-in-law.  It was much appreciated!!

This past year was VERY rough for me: drama in the household, lost job, health issues (including shingles and major depression) and family deaths.  But I've finally gotten the help I needed a few weeks ago and I'm so much better now!!!  I actually felt like picking up a pencil again!!!

Here's Jace/Clary from the new The Mortal Instruments movie coming out in August!!

Movie version Jace and Clary WIP by kara-lija

I'll posting some more stuff soon:  More TMI, Spock/Uhura, Percy Jackson, and possibly some Bleach?!!  Thank ya'll for your patience!!!!
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My father-in-law, Ron, passed away last week from a heart attack. I put the Clockwork Princess art I was drawing on hold while I helped my husband and children cope with our loss :(

Here is the lineart of Tessa, from Cassandra Clare's The Infernal Devices series, I have to draw the mechanical wings and then paint it (watercolor), and it's a large piece, 20x22.  Ill try to finish it this week.

Clockwork Princess WIP by kara-lija
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My beautiful spawn turned 4 this past Wednesday!! Time flies!!  Here she is in her Rapunzel wig from her Pawpaw :) I love her more than words. She is my pride and joy and the sunshine in my life!!! She's a little artist too! And loves rock music (she knows all the words to Joan Jett's "I Love Rock n' Roll" and "Bad Reputation")

 photo image-3.jpg

Annnnd I had 2 complete strangers tell me I looked like Jennifer Lawrence/Katniss Everdeen in the last week!! So my hubby found this pic of her and put it with this new one of yours truly :) JLaw is ridiculously beautiful. And hilarious. When she asked "Does a bear shit in the woods?" At the Oscars, I toasted her through the tv with my wine glass.

 photo image-2.jpg

She blows me outta the water in looks. I suppose that's why she makes the big bucks :D

~ An Infernal Devices masterpiece. Really. It's gonna be epic! I'm almost positive I'll have it done in time for the Clockwork Princess release...

~ The Forbidden Game series by LJ Smith. One of my favorite book series!! I'm drawing a Jenny/Julian pic of course. My version of Julian is positively smoldering :)

~ Harry Potter stuff. Yay!

I might draw some Bleach soon. Ichihime, GinRan... There's soooo much breathtaking IchiHime art on DA now. I remember I was one of the first to post halfway decent pics of them, and I got so much hate and shit and shade thrown my way for it! I'm so glad it's gained popularity!!
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I began my time here on DA with Harry Potter artwork, specifically of the crack pairing that is Snape/Hermione, or SS/HG.  It was a fairly large fandom back then, but nowhere near the popularity it's grown to I've realized these last few days!!  I've been immersing my self back into the pairing, and I'm so lost now that I've been away for about 7 years. Back then, when you searched SS/HG here on DA, there were a small group of us that were very prolific and accounted for many of the popular pieces, such as Usagitsu, Perselus, Djeyanna (now Artemissia-G) and myself, among others. Though now I look at my work from back then and cringe!! Ha!

I am pleased, however, with the amount of new and talented artists that have made their way to this fandom!! Fantastic!

So bear with me, I am playing catch up after years of being out of the HP fandom.  I do plan on drawing more SS/HG, and possibly some others as well.:)

Here's the first SS/HG pic that I return with, a simple piece with focus on color, Enjoy! :

Objects of Desire 2 by kara-lija
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A year ago my husband and I lost a dear friend to a car accident.

Lance Eslava was also a magnificent artist, here's his Deviant page: :iconlancesart:

RIP bro, you are missed. The world is a little less creative with you gone.
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I'm back to drawing again, and I'm doing Jim Henson's the Labyrinth. :) I've been a Bowie fan since came outta the womb, my dad being a huge rock fan. I was smitten at a tender age with David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Joan Jett, The eagles and others.

So of course I'm going to loooove Jareth!

I've got a shit ton of pics of Jareth and Sarah planned. So stay on the lookout!

"Fear me, Love me, do as I say, and I shall be your slave."
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Follow the link above to find my Etsy shop! My shop name is OceanSongArt and I'm selling my original works there, most importantly my mermaid mixed media pieces!  Some of them are def one-of-a-kind. I'll also be selling my crafts as well, such as real starfish jewelry (I gathered the starfish from Orang Beach, AL, right near Pensacola, FL), printers' drawer jewelry displays, and other cool stuff!

So check it out and if you have some extra funds, maybe my art will entice you to buy!

I'm also selling the lineart of some of my work on here!!! If you have a fave piece you're interested in, note me to see if its available. The price is $50 for each piece, with discounts if you buy 2 or more!! Unfortunately, most of my Mortal Instruments linearts are in the clutches of Cassandra Clare herself, for everytime I meet up with her I bring her the latest batch of my art for her series! But many of the other series I've done are available!!
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Hi y'all. Sorry for the lack of updates! I went through a very trying summer. A career change, health issues, and just plain ol' stress of it all can really kill artistic inspiration!

But things are looking up! I'm still kicking and I'm feeling the urge to pick up a pencil!

First on the list.... The Hunger Games. I've been wanting to draw some Gale/Madge stuff lately, so we'll see.  

Also I have some ideas for The Mortal instruments. I'm sure Cassie will be happy, I've missed talking to her!

Lastly, has anyone read "Starters" by Lissa Price? It's really good!! I can't wait for the second book comes out! I may draw some for it as well :)
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I was commissioned by Jennifer L. Armentrout and her team to draw some artwork for her sexy young adult novel "Obsidian"!  Soooo excited!!!  I've posted the first piece already, titled "Push/Pull" here:

Push/Pull...Obsidian by kara-lija

I'm doing more pieces, but they'll be secret until Jennifer's book signing tour, at which my artwork will be handed out to all the lovely readers as a gift!  How cool is that?  

Hopefully I'll be able to make it to the Georgia signing to autograph said artwork cards being handed out!

So it marks the first professional commission I've received, and I'm so stoked!

Go read her books NOW.  Super sexy, snarky and well-written, "Obsidian" is the first book in The Lux Series.  The second book is called "Onyx" and it comes out in August.

Here's some links to fandom stuff:

Jennifer's website:…


Twitter:  JLArmentrout  and vlc_Photo

Special thanks to Jennifer L. Armentrout for writing awesome books and to the amazing Vania, of VLC Productions (who created and filmed the book trailers for Cassandra Clare, Holly Black, etc), for her generosity and overall badass-ness!
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I want to start out by saying that this is in no way a comprehensive list of my favorites, but that these pieces happen to stand out to me.  Whether it is in an artistic technical way, the compositional arrangement, or just the plain EMOTION that a particular piece evokes, I felt very strongly about these pieces.  So I want to say thank you to the artists listed here (and many, many more) for their efforts and talent.  And by way of thanks, perhaps my feature journal may help get your art seen to people who otherwise might not had the chance to enjoy it yet!

So enjoy and leave these people a nice comment for the spectacular work they've produced!


A spark that will grow (printsize) by amyisalittledecoy by  :iconamyisalittledecoy:

Katniss Everdeen - The Hunger Games by EddieHolly by :iconeddieholly:

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss by MShah123  by :iconmshah123:

Mockingjay by Nichii  by :iconnichii:

THG - The Girl On Fire by Krayonela  by :iconkrayonela:

Facing the Monsters. by Neala-Ernswa  by :iconneala-ernswa:

Hunger Games: Katniss by Dunland  by :icondunland:

The Hunger Games: Katniss Everdeen by Annie240  by :iconannie240:

The Mockingjay by AsunaxMeimu  by :iconasunaxmeimu:

Hunger Games by WesleyChen  by :iconwesleychen:

Katniss by vanduobones  by :iconvanduobones:

Katniss and Peeta:

Safe and Sound by jenimal by :iconjenimal:

No Nightmares by dacadaca  by :icondacadaca:

HG - Grow Back Together by Neptune47  by :iconneptune47:

Kiss the Baker by Snowfest  by :iconsnowfest:

Others: (These break my heart!!!)

Healers and Victims by jenimal  by :iconjenimal:

finnick odair by keyofzee  by :iconkeyofzee:

A Revolutionary Gale by pseudolirium  by :iconpseudolirium:


hunger games 2 by kakao-bean  by :iconkakao-bean:

The Hunger Games Compilation by braidsandarrows  by :iconbraidsandarrows:

THE HUNGER GAMES by pebbled  by :iconpebbled:

Katniss by jenimal  by :iconjenimal:
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